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BioScience Information Network (BiNET)| Open Connectivity for Education

BiNETWelcome to Bioscience Information Network. It is a non-profit online based network which creates information connectivity. Its objective is to gather, share and publish information resources on science, technology, bioscience, agriculture, engineering, natural resource, environment, climate and global challenges for knowledge connectivity. It disseminates information for non-commercial purposes of education and researches to contribute in learning process, and the development of global food and social security. BiNET links up challenges of developing countries to the global scenario for sustainability, environmental protection and viable socio-economic developments.


eResource Connectivity

Explore information connectivity resources, download eDocuments and eBooks on bioscience, agriculture and environment. It is an ongoing learning and development center and an open access platform for education.

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Download repository

Download eDocument and eBook as PDF file on bioscience, agriculture and environment. It is an ongoing academic resource repository and an open access platform for knowledge development.

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Publish with BiNET journal

Submit scientific literature and publish with BiNET journals and books. Send us your contents to publish with us. Your publication will be accessible for greater audience and greater impact with exposure.

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We offer prompt online support and solutions for you, both from web based and field level resources that will help you to become an active learner and assist you in reaching your professional and academic goals.

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